Sell used devices for businesses

We buy used hardware such as PCs, telephones, tablets, game consoles and so on. If your organization has at least 20 such devices for sale, you can offer them to Circler for a tailor-made price proposal without obligation.

Sell without worries

Companies today often own a large amount of electronic equipment, such as smartphones and tablets. Although these devices can last longer and longer, they are usually replaced once every few years. Selling these used devices that remain is a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution. Instead of throwing the devices away, they get a second life and are reused. This contributes to a circular economy and saves raw materials needed for the production of new devices.

Circler helps organizations with their used electronics. We can take over the devices efficiently and ensure a smooth and reliable transaction. Fill in the form below to receive a tailor-made price proposal.

How does it work?

  1. Fill in the sales form. You will receive a non-binding proposal within 3 working days.
  2. After approval, we schedule an appointment to collect the devices.
  3. We test and assess the devices and send a final price proposal.
  4. After approval, we pay within 24 hours.
You can choose to have the value of the devices donated to a charity of your choice.

What can you sell?

  • Phones
  • Tablets
  • Smartwatches
  • Gameconsoles (i.e. Playstation, Xbox)
  • Laptops (Macbooks)

Sales form

Enter your details and describe at least the following: brand and type of the device, the quantity and whether they are working/defective.


We will process your request within 3 working days and contact you by e-mail or telephone.